Competition Champions

8096, 4096, 3488


Competition Champions

3940, 2867, 2202, 1706

Competition Finalist

4143, 171,111,5822

Bob Trojan ” Make It Loud”

Rock Valley College

Scholarships Winners

Liam O’Sullivan Team 2039 Rockford Robotics

Declan Moore Team 3352 Flaming Monkeys

Regan Cook Team 1625 Winnovation

Noah Beveridge Team 4787 Axiom

Zane Rothe Team 2202 Beast Robotics

2021   AWARDS

Competition Champions:525 Swartdogs    3490   Cybertooth  5822  Wolfbyte




Bob Trojan “Make it Loud “Award:



Scholarship Recipients:

Hanna Jacobsen     1625     Winnovation

Isabel Abarca          5125       Hawks on the Horizon


2020 AWARDS   

No Competition awards due to COVID Shut down.

Bob Trojan ” Make it loud “


Scholarship Awards   { Via Zoom}

Nickole Ryan    3352  Flaming Monkeys


Competition Champions:
4143 MARS/WARS (alliance captain); 0461, Westside Boiler Invasion; 4213, Metal Cow Robotics; 5041, CyBears

Competition Finalists:
2039, Rockford Robotics (alliance captain); 0081, Metalheads; 1625, Winnovation; 4655, Stateline Robotics;

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:

Scholarship Recipients:
Ethan D., Team 1306, Badgerbots
Addie H., Team 3352, Flaming Monkeys
Anna O., Team 4096, Crtl-Z
Anderson X., Team 0461, Westside Boiler Invasion



Competition Champions:
5934, Crowbotics; 1792, Round Table Robotics; 111, Wildstang; 167 Children of the Corn

Competition Finalists:
2451, PWNAGE; 4655, Stateline Robotics; 81, Freeport Metalheads; 967, Iron Lions

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:
Nick Povalitis, Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Scholarship Recipients:
Rebecca W., Team 461, Westside Boiler Makers
Bradley B., Team 4213, Metal Cows
Abigail W., Team 2202, Beast Robotics
Hannah T., Team 2704, Roaring Robotics



Competition Champions:
2451, PWNAGE; 1625, Winnovation; 2062, C.O.R.E. Ronotics; 2704, Roaring Robotics

Competition Finalists:
4485, Tribe Tech Robotics; 5822, WolfByte; 1675, Ultimate Protection Squad; 6237, Martin Motion

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud Award” Award:
Mark Anderson, long time FIRST Lego League Mentor and Organizer/Manager of the Rockford Area FIRST Lego League Regional Events.

Scholarship Recipients:
Emmarie A., Team 3352, Flaming Monkeys
Isabelle T., Team 3358, Gear It Forward
Spencer T., Team 2062. C.O.R.E. Robtics
Andrew T., Team 5934, Crowbotics



Competition Champions:
2451, PWNAGE; 2338, Gear It Forward; 5934 Crowbotics; 2202, BEAST Robotics

Competition Finalists:
1625, Winnovation; 2081, Icarus;, 4241, Joliet Cyborgs;  5125 Hawks on the Horizon

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:
Women of Today’s Manufacturing. WOTM is a not-for-profit professional organization for both men and women dedicated to serving manufacturing in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin.

Student Awards:
R2OC Committee students presented some team awards.

  • Most Present Regiment, 1736 Robot Casserole
  • Best Looking Bot: 1675, Ultimate Protection Squad
  • I Spy a Spy: 2451, PWNAGE
  • Best Climber: 2194, Fondy Fire


2015 AWARDS:

Competition Champions:
2481,Roboteers; 2826, Wave Robotics, 0171, Cheese Curd Herd; 2781, Robo Pride

Competition Finalists:
4655, Stateline Robotics; 0461, Westside Boiler Invasion; 1747, Harrison Boiler Robotics; 4485, Tribe Tech Robotics

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:
This year, the Making It Loud Award was presented to two companies: UTC Aerospace Systems and Superior Joining.

Spirit Awards:
All participating teams were encouraged to make nominations for our spirit awards. The winners are:

  • Most spirit in the stands: 2081, Icarus
  • Best Mascot: 2039, Rockford Robotics
  • Most spirited pit decorations: 1781, Electric Eagles
  • Best overall spirit: Flaming Monkeys


2014 AWARDS:

Competition Champions:
2481, Roboteers; 1625, Winnovation; 4096, Ctrl-Z, 3353, Flaming Monkeys 2

Competition Finalists:
2451, PWNAGE; 1732, Hilltoppers; 1646, Precision Guessworks; 3936, Michigan City Robotics

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:
Patrick Murphy, Belvidere Township Supervisor


2013 AWARDS:

Competition Champions:
2039, Rockford Robotics; 1625, Winnovation; and 3936, Michigan City Robots.
Competition Finalists:
1747, Harrison Boiler Robots; 4011, Pi Rho Robotics; and 1094, Channel Cats.

Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award:
R2OC is so thankful to have Bob Trojan as part of our planning committee. In his honor, we instituted the Bob Trojan “Making It Loud” Award, with, of course, Bob as the inaugural recipient. Bob is a tireless promoter of the Rockford Community, local manufacturing, FIRST robotics, and STEM education.